Mrs Malans Music & Movement Preschool

Learn and Play in our Music Environment!

Small intimate classes, kind and loving, comforting, nature centred, music enhanced & structured teaching focussed on all rounded development


Singing whole heartedly releases feelings and everyone has fun.

 We believe that a happy child is a singing child. Shy children will also enjoy expressing themselves through Music.

A Kindergarten Preparation Program with mature, experienced and highly regarded Teacher—family owned and operated.

The Preschool years should be the most important years of education in your child’s life.


During these years most of your child’s focus abilities, school routine, and listening skills are formed.


Our singular goal is to give your child the best start possible.

Our meadow play area

Our Play House

Our Orchard Classroom

Our Outdoor Classroom integrates with Nature

Our Classroom is to the right on the main floor


    Mrs. Malans Preschool is in an unique (fairy tale like) beautiful house in the woods.


The Program here is full of dancing, playing the instruments, art and movement, singing, and of course learning numbers, letters and more. 


Gerda and Danie indeed have love and passion for what they do; and I am so glad we became part of their preschool family.


Recommend it to all who are looking for a small group and something different for their child. 


Most kids who come here are between 3-5 years old, and come from good healthy families with good values in life. I am glad my son is surrounded by awesome kids.


Also, I must add that all the artwork that they do with Mrs. Malans is way beyond anything ordinary. Gerda always comes up with amazing ideas, and each time I pick up my son from the preschool - I am in a bit of good shock of what they have created! We have a whole wall in our house dedicated to the artworks from Mrs. Malans Preschool.


Testimonial: Parent from 2021/2022 enrollment and booked for 2022/2023.


 Mrs. Malan’s Preschool is fantastic!


Each day is structured and consistent which allowed my son huge growth over the past year.


The kids are lead to be creative with music, crafts, baking, reading and so much more.


 Mrs. Malan is a truly wonderful teacher, who does everything we could ask for in encouraging our child’s success. 


My husband and I think we’ve hit the jackpot, and can’t wait for our daughter to go here next year as well!


Testimonial: Parent from 2021/2022 enrollment and booked for 2022/2023.

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