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Mrs Malans Music & Movement Preschool

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2021/2022 Enrollment Parent


Mrs. Malanís preschool is fantastic!

Each day is structured and consistent which allowed my son huge growth over the past year. The kids are lead to be creative with music, crafts, baking, reading and so much more. Mrs. Malan is a truly wonderful teacher, who does everything we could ask for in encouraging our childís success.  My husband and I think weíve hit the jackpot, and canít wait for our daughter to go here next year as well!

2121/2022 Enrollment Parent:

That is so cool!!  I also love hearing your daughter went to university so young! I think I definitely picked the best preschool/teacher for my son!! :)

You will get my daughter too in a couple years 

Thank you for all you do. 

2010/2011 Enrollment Parent:

Letting our child go to school for the first time was a hard thing for us as parents, but Gerda Malan's gentle nature and sincere love for our child made it such an easy transition. Our daughter started off not being sure about school, to now, asking to see Mrs. Malan even on the days she doesn't have school! She sings all the songs that she's learned and now my 2 year old and the rest of the family knows them all too!

2010/2011 Enrollment Parent:


Every time Mrs. Malan greeted my daughter at the door, she would take the time to encourage her and make her feel special and loved. I noticed that she did this with each and every child. My daughter has grown leaps and bounds during her time in Mrs. Malan's class and we are so grateful to have had her as a teacher.

2010/2011 Enrollment Parent:


Mrs. Malan is passionate about children learning through music. It is so nice to hear our son singing songs about God that he learns at school. When I've been in the classroom every moment is a teaching moment with Mrs. Malan.

2010/2011 Enrollment Parent:


Mrs. Malan has been the best teacher I could ever have dreamed of for our son. Her genuine care and love for the students shines through in everything she does, and my son absolutely adores her. Every day is packed with activities, finger plays, songs, and learning. I couldn't have prayed for a better teacher for his first school experience.

2010/2011 Enrollment Parent:

Great program and great people!

Our son, was only enrolled in Mrs. Malanís Music and Movement for a couple of months. In those two months our son grew in several ways. He became more confident, he developed his interest in music and performance and he learned to spell and become more acquainted with numbers.

He loved it and we, in turn, loved it too.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see their children excel.

Nanoose Bay

2010/2011 Enrollment Parent:

Gerda Malan's preschool class here in Calgary, at the Foothills Alliance church, has been so wonderful. My daughter enjoyed every minute of it. Gerda is so very loving and caring about each and every child in her class. Our family has been very glad to have had such a wonderful experience in a school setting before starting kindergarten, it will benefit our daughter so much. Gerda is going to be missed very much. She is a fantastic teacher!

2010/2011 Enrollment Parent:

As an educator, I understand the importance of a child's first educational xperience. Because of Mrs. Malan's loving and patient guidance, our daughter loves school and learning. She looks forward to school and cries if she ever has to miss. Thank you Mrs. Malan. We will miss you.

2011/2012 Enrollment Parent: 


The first time I stepped into Mrs. Malanís classroom in Nanoose I realised that it was different.

 She has an amazing talent, moving the children through different arts & crafts, early literacy and play activities by seamlessly connecting everything with music.

 The music brings even the quiet ones out of their shells and children learn a lot all while having a lot of fun.

 I couldnít believe it when my son brought home 3 books at the end of the year filled with activities he had done and things for going forward. Mrs. Malan really goes the extra mile for those in her care.

 There is nothing else locally of this quality.