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From: Thea Miscavish

Sent: May-08-12 5:38 PM

To:   Gerda Malan

Mrs. Malan is the epitome of everything that I was looking for when considering a preschool program for my daughter. She is approachable and loving, yet she has clear expectations for behavior; which is both modelled and taught directly.

Mrs. Malan has a gentleness about her that transfers to her students. My daughter learned so much during the time that she was enrolled in the Music and Movement Preschool: how to interact appropriately with her peers, how to be respectful to others, how to sit and listen in an audience, how to take learning risks in a safe environment, and how to follow directions.

My daughter would come home each day with well thought out, theme-based art and learning projects. She always enjoyed telling us about her day with Mrs. Malan and the other children. I highly recommend Mrs. Malan's Preschool program and am so pleased that my daughter was able to participate in it.


Thea Miscavish

Bachelor of Education

Learning Consultant


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