Enclosed are excerpt from Mrs. Malan's  References. As you will see Mrs. Malan has been involved with Preschool aged Children for many years and has an outstanding reputation in this field. She is very highly recommended and has earned the respect of her students, their parents and her colleagues.

Foothills Alliance  - Preschool Director  Marjorie Wigmore

Board Member of Foothills Alliance  - Jennifer Lockhart

April 11, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Letter of Reference & Recommendation for Gerda Malan

I have worked with Gerda Malan for seven years as the Director and Teacher at the Foothills Alliance  Preschool. However, she has been in our school since 2003 also teaching a kindergarten class. I have found her to be an  Amazing teacher– very organized, efficient, considerate, approachable, and of utmost spiritual convictions.

She is very musical and has added a wonderful “Music and Movement” element to both her kindergarten and preschool daily program.

To Whom it May Concern:

It  is a pleasure to write  a letter of recommendation for Gerda Malan. Gerda has taught at the Foothills Alliance Pre-School & Kindergarten since 2003.

She was instrumental in establishing the Junior Kindergarten  Program that continues to be used at the school and which other schools in Calgary model their Junior Kindergarten Program After.

The Golden Rule was taught through modeling, by using teachable moments to help her students understand how to treat others with respect and kindness, and by instilling the importance of manners.

However when she need to discipline a student, she did so with love care and a desire to see a positive change in future behaviour

Gerda’s lessons captivated the student’s imagination and she planned regular educational field trips . My son loved when Gerda would play the piano for them and sing with them. She encouraged the students to get involved through the use of a variety of musical instruments and movement to the music.

As a board member of Foothills Alliance School, I am sorry to see Gerda leave our school. However, she is an amazing and gifted teacher and I know  that she and her husband are acting on God’s call in this  impending move.

Gerda was a blessing to the students, parents, and staff at Foothills and I know that she will be an outstanding educator in any school.

Principal of Foothills Alliance  - Miriam Quapp

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