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From: Thea Miscavish

Sent: May-08-12 5:38 PM

To:   Gerda Malan

Mrs. Malan is the epitome of everything that I was looking for when considering a preschool program for my daughter. She is approachable and loving, yet she has clear expectations for behaviour; which is both modelled and taught directly.

Mrs. Malan has a gentleness about her that transfers to her students. My daughter learned so much during the time that she was enrolled in the Music and Movement Preschool: how to interact appropriately with her peers, how to be respectful to others, how to sit and listen in an audience, how to take learning risks in a safe environment, and how to follow directions.

My daughter would come home each day with well thought out, theme-based art and learning projects. She always enjoyed telling us about her day with Mrs. Malan and the other children. I highly recommend Mrs. Malan's Preschool program and am so pleased that my daughter was able to participate in it.


Thea Miscavish

Bachelor of Education

Learning Consultant


Program Validation by one of the Parents.

     How your child will enjoy their day?



In the morning each child is greeted individually by Mrs. Malan, and the special mascot duck also gives a warm welcome. 

Circle Time:

This is a time of sharing and we will be talking about the Theme of the day. 


Children will be colouring, cutting, pasting in a variety of art mediums.

 Enjoying Books:

Look at books with a friend is so much fun.

 Snack Time:

Is for sharing with your friends and enjoying listening to the show and tell. Each day we will have a special student.


By first being taught rhythm each child will then use different instruments and will join in while Mrs. Malan plays on the piano.


Children develop a sense of self expression, by skipping, dancing and moving in rhythm along with the piano music.


 Creating our own little orchestra


Learning Centers:

 Dramatic play, block building, play dough, table toys, games/puzzles, sand/water play, and the science table with accessories. 

Story Time:

The wonderful time of relaxing and listening and just letting the imagination flow.


We all sing our “Good-Bye” song and then we go home with a song in our hearts!

Mrs Malans Music & Movement Preschool

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